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What is "A Night at the Derby"?
This is a unique fundraiser and social event that uses Thoroughbred Horse Races instead of a traditional raffle to determine the winning ‘number’. Races are up-to-date productions shot with five cameras. Each race features commentary by professional race track announcers and shows the horses parading to the post, loading in the gate, split-screen close-ups, horses in the lead graphics, the tote board results, the winning horse in the winner’s circle, slow-motion photo finish replays, plus a full graphic and commentary announcing the results of each race. All races will be projected on a state-of-the-art video projection system to give everyone the feeling that they are ‘at the derby’. There will be a total of 9 races with 10 horses in each race. The tenth race will consist of the winners of each of the first nine races with a 10th horse to be auctioned off prior to the race. Prizes are determined by the number of participants and how many raffle tickets are purchased for each horse.

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