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Indoor Basketball Camp 2015

Registration closes tomorrow

SYI is running their youth basketball camp for grades 2nd-6th which will be run by girls’ varsity basketball players. The camp’s goal is to get the youth of SGI involved in the sport of basketball and improve their skills over the time frame of the camp.

The camp begins on April 11th, and runs on the following Saturdays at SGI Middle School from 10:00-12:00: The camps structure is going to be a little different this year. Any child in 2nd and/or 3rd grade will have camp from 10:00 am-11:00 am. Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade will have camp from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. The breakdown and structure of the camp will look like this:
-Group warm-up with stretching and dynamic movement.
-Ice-breaker, typically a team building game incorporating skills of basketball.
-“Skill of the Day.” Each day the camp will focus on 1-2 skills for that particular day.
-Modified Basketball Game. Usually play this game for the last 15 minutes of camp.

Challenger Division Baseball 2015

Registration closes in 8 days

This program is for children who are Age 4 through 7th grade with significant physical or cognitive challenges that prevents him or her from playing traditional tee ball or baseball.

Basketball Camp 2015

Location: SYI Basketball Courts (S. Buffalo St.)
Dates: July 6 – July 10 (Mon-Fri) Time: 10 - Noon
Ages: 8+ Fee: $25 Contact: 816-6297

Tennis Camp 2015

Location: High School Tennis Courts
Dates: : July 6 – July 10 (Mon-Fri) Time: 1-3pm Ages: 8+ Fee: $25 Contact: 816-6297 (Bring racket)

Soccer Camp 2015

Location: Middle School Soccer Field
Dates: August 3 - 7 (Mon-Fri) Time: 10-Noon Ages: 8+Fee: $25 Contact: 289-6364

Bowling 2015

Location: Springville Lanes
Dates: Mondays starting July 6th for 6 sessions
Time: 2 games starting at 1pm
Ages: 8+ Fee: $40 Max#: 30
Contact: 592-2260

Competitive / Lap Swim 2015

Location: SYI Outdoor Pool Facility
Dates: Week of July 6th - August 13th (6weeks)
Group 1: Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8am
Group 2: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8am
Fee: $25 Contact: 289-6364

Adult Water Zumba 2015

Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise. Known as the Zumba®"pool party," the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout. Integrating the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba® blends it all together into workout that's cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.
Friday mornings starting July 10 9-10am

Volleyball Camp 2015

Location: Middle School Gym Dates: Aug 24 - 28 (M-F)
Time:10 - Noon Ages10+ Fee: $25 Contact: 816-6297

Pool Season Passes 2015

Open Swim
Location: SYI Outdoor Pool Facility (S. Buffalo St)
Dates: Pool Opening June 27, 7 days a week
Open Daily 1pm-8pm (Closes at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for swim lessons)

Fitness Fun for Kids 2015

Give your kids an outlet to burn some energy during this summer season; this interactive program is geared to have kids burn lots of energy through various motor skill activities. We will be utilizing mini obstacle courses, track relay games, and strength/core exercises with music.

JUDDY EMERLING (716) 592-5510

Starts Thursday, July 2, 2015
11:00 am – 11:45 am

$30 for this 6-week program

Kids Yoga 2015

Kids Yoga
Children’s Yoga is GREAT because it is a wonderful way for kids to move and relax. Young children are busting with energy and love moving about discovering Yoga through play. Every child loves class with super fun themes such as: Snow Day, Safari Adventure, Zoo Trip, BIG Cruise, and Beach Party. Children’s yoga incorporates essential components for learning and healthy growth while having fun!

STARTS TUESDAY, July 7 FOR 6-weeks
11-11:45 am
$30 for 6-week program
**This class is limited to 8 students ONLY so sign up early!

Kids Zumba 2015

ZUMBA Kids Classes are designed exclusively for kids age K – 6th
Zumba Kids Combines movement, music and community in a class for children.
This class is a rockin’, high energy dance party packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and fun music. ZUMBA Kids inspire kids to express themselves through movement and play while effectively improving their overall health and well-being. It increases their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination.

STARTS WEDNESDAY July 8 for 6-weeks
Wednesdays Noon -12:45pm
$30 for 6-week program

Swim Lessons 2015

Location: SYI Outdoor Pool on S. Buffalo St
Dates: Week of July 6th - August 13th
Ages: 6 months and up
Contact # 289-6364 (1hour Lessons)

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Indoor Basketball,
contact Bob Gainey

For assistance with Challenger Division Baseball,
contact Kelly Baker

For assistance with Springville Health & Fitness,
contact Mary Hannon

For assistance with Swim Lessons,
contact Karen Reynolds

For assistance with Registration,
contact Jason Shelley

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